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Romans Annual Bible Study (Study Guide): The Letter that Changed Christian History

Phoebe, a deacon from the Cenchrea church, trudged up the streets of Rome, looking for the house of the well-known Christian leaders Priscilla and Aquila. She had agreed to deliver a letter to the church in Rome on Paul's behalf while there on business. After nearly an 800-mile journey from Corinth, Greece, Phoebe had arrived in the mighty seat of the Roman Empire holding nothing less than what would become one of the mightiest books of the canon. What was so urgent that Paul needed to write to the Christians in Rome? On the one hand, Paul was laying the groundwork for his upcoming visit as well as preparing his readers for future requests to help in his church-planting efforts. After leaving Corinth, Paul planned to travel east to Jerusalem and then reverse course and head west to Spain. On the way to Spain, he would stop in Rome to meet the Christians there and seek their help for the Spanish mission. This was not the only reason, however. If Paul simply wanted to send greetings and alert the Roman church that he would like their help in future missions efforts, he didn't need to compose such a magnum opus. Why did he do it? What was the purpose of this massive theological treatise? Why did he choose this letter to explain his theology more fully than he did anywhere else? What does this theological book have to say to us today? These are the ultimate questions of Romans, written by the Apostle to the Gentiles in the greatest Gentile city of the day. Join us in a study of this life-altering work from Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles. Annual Bible Study Resources Many of the greatest Christian leaders have been transformed by their study of Romans. Explore this influential book of the Bible with the Annual Bible Study. Both the Teaching Guide and Study Guide, which are illustrated with art images, photos, and maps, were written by Mark J. Olson, president of the John Leland Center for Theological Studies. The Romans Study Guide serves to educate the learner on major issues of appropriate interpretations, to offer an overview of theological themes, and to build the learner's Bible study skills by considering several significant interpretations.


Galatians: In Defense of Love

The epistle to the Galatians is often heralded as the Apostle's most succinct statement of his basic theological perspective. Yet the letter was originally penned in the heat of theological controversy, as Paul recognized an incipient threat to the very heart of the gospel message and responded with a fiery attack. Olson captures the intensity of Paul's deep concern for Gentile Christians who would put legalism and conformity above freedom and love.


Irenaeus, the Valentinian Gnostics, and the Kingdom of God: The Debate About 1 Corinthians 15:50

By focusing upon Irenaeus' defense of the Catholic or Orthodox position, this volume provides a needed balance to the mass of Gnostic scholarship produced since the publication of the Nag Hammadi texts. This is a fresh look, sympathetic but critical, at Irenaeus' development of an anti-gnostic position, calling attention to the importance of his biblical interpretation, especially of Paul's letters. It also adds an important supplement to the study of a crucial theological theme: the Kingdom of God, showing that the early church, or at least Irenaeus, continued to preach about the "kingdom of God" as a theological theme of first importance.


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